Getting Into The CEMS MiM Program: Everything You Need To Know



The CEMS MiM offers a leading International MiM course. The course is provided by a global alliance that comprises prestigious business schools, NGOs, and Multinational Corporations. The program aims to foster leaders of tomorrow through its ethical and responsible approach towards the education system. The alliance consists of over 30 premier business schools. The CEMS MiM course acts as a bridge between students and the corporate world ensuring a successful career in International Business. The fine combination of theoretical knowledge and practical learning provides a successful career. 

Some Key Aspects of CEMS Masters in Management

Here are some advantages of enrolling in the CEMS Masters in Management

  • It offers dual qualifications – a home degree and one CEMS MiM certificate. 
  • The school has a network of 34 premier business schools, across all continents.
  • CEMS has a global network offering strong support to students. 
  • An opportunity to attend a plethora of career fairs, seminars, and networking events. 
  • The school has a wide alumni network of more than 18000 members. 
  • 18,108 alumni members working from 100+ nationalities and working in 75+ countries. 

The CEMS MiM is an intensive learning course. There are a total of 3 terms, one of which is the practical experience that gives the students a chance to apply their learning. The school requires the students to complete at least two terms abroad to facilitate global learning. 

CEMS MiM Class Profile

The present class of CEMS MiM will give you an insight into what to expect when you apply to the course.

  • Average age: 29
  • Average GMAT Score: 600
  • Class size: 1348
  • Average experience: 5.5 yrs
  • Nationalities: 78
  • Female ratio: 51%

Being a part of the CEMS MiM allows interaction with innovative, young, and passionate brains from diverse backgrounds. 

CEMS MiM Employment Opportunities

CEMS Masters in Management offers a chance to learn in 3 different countries, allowing you to explore international career prospects. The MiM course also allows students to benefit from business projects, seminars, and corporate interactions so they can explore different career choices. 

The students can consider a plethora of career paths – technology, consulting, finances, healthcare, fashion, and much more. 

Admission Criteria

  • To seek admission in the course, the student must be enrolled in any of the member schools in a Master’s degree program. The schools offer admission as per their local requirements and guidelines and prospective students are advised to check with the respective schools. 
  • The student must have a decent GMAT score and credible proof of English language proficiency. 
  • Additionally, CEMS looks for students who are not just academically strong but also have a keen understanding of professional responsibility towards society as a whole.

CEMS MiM fee and acceptance rate

The fee of the course can vary, depending on the choice of school the student enrolls in. CEMS MiM does not have a set criterion for acceptance rate but the students must be academically strong and have a compelling extracurricular profile to be a part of the MiM course. 

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Preparing for admission

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