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Parents, get yourself Undergrad ready with a timeline


Identify your passion early

Identify your interests, likes and dislikes, not just in terms of classes but also what kind of jobs/careers you want to consider. This will help you focus on your goals.


Thinking pattern mapping through Didactic Testing

A didactic assessment at this stage will be helpful to understand your thinking preferences and help you align your passions with your skills.


Explore and shortlist senior school streams

Know which high school courses are required by colleges, and that you understand and select the right difficulty level for each of the classes. Speak to your school counselor and seniors and stay informed.


Explore extra-curricular passions

Explore your interest in a school club, music or theater group, sport or community volunteer activity. Remember that colleges want to see real involvement in one activity instead of a loose connection to several.


Timely preparation for competitive examination

If your school offers it, sign up for the PSAT to set a baseline. Start a small daily practice routine for potential SAT questions.


Liaise with your school counsellor or enroll with a consultant

Ensure that you understand the prerequisites for the courses you wish to select and which ones will aid your college applications.


Focus on volunteer efforts and after school activities

Consistency in your Extracurricular activities will demonstrate passion & leadership. It also helps to develop time management skills and enrich your profile.


Plan college campus tours

Take advantage of vacation time to visit a few colleges in the preferred study destination. Explore both urban, suburban and rural colleges to get a clear idea of what to expect during college.


Summer programs

Explore summer options within India as well as internationally. Speak to your consultant and understand how these programs will contribute to your personal development.


SAT/ACT readiness and early attempt

Register for the SAT/ACT. The test is typically offered in October, March, May, and June. Ensure you start preparing 6 months prior to the test date.


Get your family involved in all college matters

An international Bachelor's is going to cost a ton of money (esp without scholarships). So ensure everyone is aligned else we recommend to identify it early and probably evaluate some Indian liberal art colleges as well.


Explore AP and SAT Subject tests

SAT Subject test scores can improve admit chances for Certain college majors. An AP course helps you earn college credits, allows you to skip introductory courses in college and reduce your time to graduation.


Shortlisting of 15-20 colleges that interest you

Identify colleges at which you’ll fit in easily and get a great education. College shortlisting is about exploring who you are and what you want and then finding colleges that will meet your criteria.


Create a CV and find an internship

Make a record of your academic & extracurricular achievements. Get some relevant internship and work experiences before you start senior year at high school.


Final shortlist & Deadlines calendar

Narrow a list of 10 colleges that you will finally apply to. Create a calendar of each university's EA/ED deadlines and identify your application strategy with your consultant.


Letter of Recommendation & Transcripts

Ask your school counselor or teacher for recommendations that will outline your academic record and extracurricular work. Ask your high school to mail the transcripts and LOR's in a timely manner.


Essays and Final Application

Ensure your essay drafts are proofread and edited many times over until they are perfect. Get feedback from your consultants and friends. Get your counsellor to do a final review of the entire application if possible.


Scholarship & Waitlist Communication

Any requests for financial support will need to be sent along with or shortly after the application. If you are waitlisted, a Letter of Continued interest in the college may help swing the decision in your favor.


Continue focusing on your school

Some colleges give conditional offers so it's essential to continue to accomplish your academic goals. When you do get the admit letters, pay the deposit in a timely way.

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Our Undergrad Results

Student Name Program Country University Admits Received (with scholarships)
Anushka Jha BBA USA + UK Michigan Ann Arbor, Carnegie Mellon Tepper, Indiana Kelley (💰 $16K), Penn State, UCSD, Northeastern, Warwick, Manchester
Divij Dawar Computer Science Engineering USA + Canada UC Davis, UC Irvine, UMass Amherst, UoToronto, Western, York
Sayuj Sethi Computer Science Engineering USA + Canada Michigan State (💰 $100K), UW Madison, Purdue, Georgia State, UBC
Anurag Menon Mechanical Engineering Canada + UK Western, Ryerson, Eindhoven, Twente, Nottingham, Sussex, Birmingham, Southampton
Samarth Ghodke Biomedical Engineering Canada + UK Western, McMaster, Waterloo, Glasgow (💰 GBP 28K), Sheffield, Leeds
Aditya Prasil BBA/International Relations UK + Europe King's, St. Andrew's, Skema, Essec, Groningen, SOAS London, Nottingham
Praveen Senthil Economics USA UMass Amherst (💰 $64K), Purdue, Manchester
Sai Rathan Medical UK + USA Purdue, UIUC, Washington St. Louis, Ohio State, Minnesota, Missouri Columbia, Missouri Kansas, Auburn, St. Louis, Alabama Birmingham, Loyola Chicago, Baylor, Truman
Ayush Chouhan Computer Science Engineering US + Canada Michigan State ( 💰$100K), Boston, UW Madison, UMass Amherst, Northeastern, Purdue, UoToronto, UBC, Western (💰 CAD 8K), Waterloo
Khushank Jain Computer Science USA NYU, UMBC, SUNY Stony Brook
Sanjana Kesireddy Medical USA Michigan State, Rutgers, Wayne State, Toledo, Nova
Katyani Mahajan Computer Science Engineering USA UC San Diego
Vitasta Mahajan Economics USA UC San Diego
Tripat Singh Dhillon PPE UK University College London]
Aryaman Goenka Computer Science Engineering USA + Canada UMass Amherst (💰 $64K), UMaryland Smith, Waterloo, UBC
Akshat Taneja Computer Science Engineering USA + Canada U of Toronto, UCSD, UC. Irvine
Vedant Choksi Computer Science Engineering USA U of Arizona, UIC, Arizona State (💰 $46K), Illinois State, DePaul (💰 $80K), San Francisco, Pittsburg State (💰 $8K)
Dia Kumar Economics USA Michigan State (💰 $20K), UMass Lowell (💰 $60K), UMass Amherst (💰 $30K), UC Davis, UC Irvine
Sahil Shah Biochemistry USA Cornell, Tufts
Tanisha Chawda Finance UK Lancaster, Regent's
Pranay Mittal BBA -Finance UK + USA Warwick, City University, UCSD
Prakhar Modi Computer Science Engineer USA Indiana Kelley (💰 $16K), Colorado Boulder, Ohio State, Virginia Tech
Pushti Choksi Psychology USA UoArizona (💰 $44K), Arizona State (💰 $40K), Auburn, LSU, UMass Boston
Maitree Mhatre Economics USA Michigan Ann Arbor, Carnegie Mellon Tepper, UIUC, Purdue, Ohio State, Manchester, Florida State, Penn State
Anika Lala Actuarial Sciences USA UCLA, Purdue, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Boston College, Boston University, UNC Chapel Hill, UW Madison, Northeastern, Florida Institute
Sanika Ghodke Economics Canada + UK UCL, Warwick, King's, UoToronto, McGill
Sai Krishnan Biochemistry USA + UK Penn State, UW Madison
Sawtvik Sahni BBA Canada Western university
01SAT/ACT Test Prep
We provide 1-1 and small group tutoring to help you ace your SAT and ACT tests. Our industry-first AI-based SAT and ACT prep portal coaches you with detailed readiness analysis for every verbal and quant topic.
02Profile development
We search for opportunities tailor-fit to you r interests and requirements, connect you with volunteering organisations and help you create a winning profile during the admissions process.
03Resume / LOR preparation
With our experience, you can now grab the Adcoms attention by creating an outstanding and smart CV. We counsel you on the best strategies to receive a letter of recommendation that will corroborate the rest of your application material.
04School shortlisting
Shortlisting a school is exhausting. Leave the detailed research of nearly 200 + top colleges globally to us. We navigate you through this information overload, by going from a long list to a final selection keeping in mind your financial, academic and location preferences.
05Essays & Personal Statement
To convey your accomplishments with vividness and impact, we will undertake vigorous brainstorming and share our unique detailed approach to every Common App and school specific essay topic including access to an essay database for you to draw inspiration from.
06Interview Prep + Scholarships
We make you practice with real AdCom questions by tapping our strong alumni network. We work with you to develop strong oration skills to deliver a potent interview. And finally, we will help you draft a compelling scholarship letter.

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Rajiv and his team made the whole admission experience easier and efficient, from selecting the correct programme to planning for the interview. They helped me provide the admissions panel with an accurate and efficient story that made all the difference.

Jashoda Srivastava

Class of 2024

New York University


Admitas has been a constant pillar, from steering me into the profession that is ideally suited for me, to supporting me with the applications for the best institutions across US. Their advice is superlative, with years of experience and knowledge in the field.

Rohan Thairani

Class of 2019

Kelley School of Business


I'm very lucky that I found Lilacbuds, who supported me extensively with my applications. The advice on which college to choose and the way my profile was shaped was fantastic. I have been admitted to two wonderful universities and the credit goes unquestionably to Admitas (now LilacBuds).

Karthikeya Gautam

Class of 2024

McGill University

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