Undergrad Abroad: Timelines to keep in mind for 11th & 12th Graders

Undergrad Abroad
Undergrad Abroad

Going to study abroad for your undergraduate degree often has several added benefits. They get multiple options to study from, the exposure of living in a different country. In addition to this, you also get a chance at interacting with people from different places and backgrounds. In addition to this, it opens the possibility of well-paid employment opportunities at reputed global firms, and getting to learn from some of the best faculty and professors are all the benefits that students get from studying abroad.  However, going for undergrad abroad is not an easy process and students must begin the procedure from the eleventh grade itself. 

Research is the key!

The key to easing out the process is mainly to start early. Start your research about the various programs, look at different countries, make a shortlist of preferred universities. Then compare them for their academic rigor and fitment with your needs, and choose the ones that are best for you. In addition to the research, also start building your resume or portfolio at the earliest. Starting early also enables you to “develop” and build your profile, whereas if you start in the 12th itself, you only get time to “evaluate” your profile. 


As you continue to research and build your profile, make sure to keep your grades up. Keeping your grades up does not always mean top your class or ace every exam. It moreover means keeping a consistent grade through every test or exam. This would not only enhance your resume but also highlight your consistency. Good grades are not the only things that help you get into your dream college. Pursue your passion, excel in an extracurricular activity. Doing this would improve your ability for time management as well as showcase your passion. Several colleges also look at your social responsibilities. So try volunteering for programs you think would help you in the future. 

Competitive Exams

Another extremely important aspect that several students look at later is the SAT or ACT examinations. Starting the test prep for these would be better in the eleventh as it gives you a chance to take more attempts to achieve your desired score. In addition to this, it also reduces the workload at the time of admission. LilacBuds has partnered with Everydae, which is a digital SAT prep assistant prepared by Harvard & MIT alums, to help students get started early and offers a scientifically-backed practice program for students to stay on track and score high.


By the October of your 12th grade, several applications for early decision or early admit open in the USA as well as the Oxbridge (Oxford & Cambridge) applications are due.  This means that one needs to start prepping for their application quite in advance. This is so they have the time to improvise and work more on their application. The months of November & December are when students submit their final applications to most universities abroad. During this period it is important that students ensure that their grades don’t fall as many colleges, especially in the UK, look at giving students conditional offers. 


Another extremely important thing students must do is reply to colleges on time, and attend personal interviews. Prepping for these interviews also gives you the advantage to put yourself forward in front of a reputed panel of interviewers. During your interview also make sure to know your application form thoroughly and be confident! 


After getting into the college of your choice research more about the accommodations and places around. If you can try visiting the university and exploring the neighborhood. This would help you to settle in the new surrounding relatively quickly. 


Make sure to apply for your student visa, health insurance, and travel insurance in time. Collect and gather all your important documents before you fly. Research the weather so you’re pre-prepared for any milestone that comes your way! 





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