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Achieve Your Dream Score with Our Comprehensive GMAT Online Coaching

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Students enrolled with LilacBuds for online GMAT coaching, have achieved some of the best GMAT Focus edition results. This is the outcome of 40+ hours of adaptive tutoring by test prep experts, combined with best-in-class GMAT prep material and multiple mock tests.Here's why you must make LilacBuds your first choice for online GMAT coaching.

  • Nearly 1 in 4 students have achieved a 665+ GMAT Focus score, edging them closer to their dream MBA program
  • Over half our students see a 20%+ jump in their final scores compared to their diagnostic assessment. (Psst .. Ask about our "Jump Up" guarantee)
  • Our online GMAT tutors are experienced educators with a proven track record in coaching students to achieve high scores.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Attending GMAT preparation classes with LilacBuds was a game-changer for my career. Their personalized approach and expert guidance helped me improve my GMAT score significantly. LilacBuds' online coaching is undoubtedly the best GMAT coaching in India.

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GMAT Focus : 665

Emory University

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LilacBuds top-notch coaching, personalised attention, and thorough study material provided by LilacBuds made all the difference. I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose them as my coaching partner for GMAT.

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GMAT Classic : 720

HEC Paris

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Thanks to LilacBuds, I was able to achieve my dream GMAT score and secure admission into my desired university. Their personalized approach, comprehensive study material, & experienced faculty made all the difference.

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Learn From The Best GMAT Tutors In India

At LilacBuds, we offer the best GMAT online coaching in India, providing students with the opportunity to learn from the most skilled and experienced tutors in the field. Our tutors have successfully guided hundreds of students to secure admissions in the best MBA colleges around the world. With our comprehensive GMAT preparation program, we ensure that students are well-prepared to excel in their exams and achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education abroad. Join LilacBuds for top-notch GMAT online coaching and unlock your potential for success.


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See GMAT scores soar! Check out LilacBuds' Top Student Scoreboard.

LilacBuds, India's leading GMAT online coaching, unlocks your potential for success. Our experienced tutors have guided hundreds to top MBA programs globally. Join our comprehensive program with personalized coaching, practice tests, expert tutorials, and proven results. Elevate your skills, ace your GMAT, and pursue your study abroad dreams.


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Supercharge Your GMAT Preparation with LilacBuds and gain the Ultimate GMAT Online Coaching Experience.

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Your GMAT Preparation

Get precision tutoring with 1 on 1 or group classes with our super tutors. Felxible timings at your comfort for online coaching.

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1500+ Practice Questions

Our tutors have carefully curated more than 1500 topic wise questions for you. Practice makes perfect and you are assured to ace.

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AI Based Portal

With our state of the art technology, you can track all your test prep progress on our online coaching portal.

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Super Tutors

Our tutors have themselves scored a 770+ on the GMAT and are known as one of the best in India.

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One Call Away

Doubts need to be cleared? Want more practice questions? We’ll always be one call away. Always there for you!

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Flexible Study Schedule

We understand that you have a life apart from test preps and missing a class can easily be scheduled for later.

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Flexible packages to suit your schedule

Choose from a variety of our plans - comprehensive tutoring & mentoring,shorter focused courses or weekend only batches.

First time takers

Quant and Verbal Comprehensive made easy for first time takers of GMAT

  • 40 hours Live sessions
  • 10 hours of Doubt clearing sessions
  • 2000+ Practice questions
Additional Benefits
gmat online two Valid upto 2 attempts

1 on 1 coaching Quant and Verbal Comprehensive for aspirants retaking GMAT

  • 20 hours Live sessions
  • 5 hours of Doubt clearing sessions
  • 800+ Practice questions
Additional Benefits
gmat online two Target goal score achievement probability.
Premium Plan

1 to 1 GMAT online coaching + comprehensive Admissions support for 5 Top B-Schools

  • 40 hours Live sessions
  • 5 hours of Doubt clearing sessions
  • Access to all practice questions
  • Sessions by Top rated faculty
Additional Benefits
gmat online two Profile evaluation and Post MBA goals clarity
gmat online two Application related support on all aspects including Essays, LORs, Scholarship letters and Video essays
gmat online two Mentoring from Top B-School alums

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GMAT- Online v/s In-Centre


GMAT Exam Syllabus – The Most Crucial Concepts

How to Prepare for the GMAT Exam: 5 Steps Success Mantra

GMAT Online Coaching vs Offline Coaching: The pros and cons

How much time do you need for GMAT preparation?


The GMAT Focus Exam is a shorter, more flexible version of the original GMAT designed for graduate school admissions. Here's a breakdown of its structure:

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (optional 10-minute break)Sections: 3 (Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Data Insights)Time per section: 45 minutes eachScore range: 205-805 (individual section scores: 60-90)

Section details:
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Assesses mathematical and data analysis skills through problem-solving questions mainly using arithmetic, algebra, and word problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Evaluates reading comprehension and critical thinking through questions based on text passages and short arguments.
  • Data Insights: Tests data interpretation ability using various formats like tables and graphs, reflecting real-world business scenarios.
Key features:
  • You can complete sections in any order.
  • You can review and revise up to 3 answers per section.

This revised summary provides a concise and informative overview of the GMAT Focus Exam structure.

Start GMAT preparation 6 months in advance

Start your GMAT preparation exam process at least six months before your test results are due. Most test takers report a minimum eight-week study timeline is ideal if you are somewhat familiar with the underlying GMAT exam content. But, you are the best judge of how much time you need to prepare.

One section at a time

GMAT test takers are often very strong in one section and weak in others. You have to work hard and try to solve the weaker topics with the help of your tutors. This will help you get better at understanding concepts in the future. LilacBuds' top notch GMAT classes online help you get better one section at a time.

Time Management

Prepare a good timetable for the GMAT preparation. Make sure you include breaks between study hours. Focus on the areas that you take longer time to solve and keep improving on them. The LilacBuds tracker on the portal helps you focus on your strengths and weaknesses so that you get through tougher questions in a breeze.

Be test ready with mocktests

Mock tests can help you crack the GMAT exam effortlessly. These tests will improve your skills, knowledge, performance and time management. They give you the real feel of how a GMAT exam feels like. With timed and non timed options for learning, these tests are available for each and every section and cover all chapters and topics on the LilacBuds dashboard.

Read our blog to know in detail about the GMAT preparation tips

The GMAT score is one of the many criteria that the admissions committee looks at. However, a good GMAT score does improve chances of admission and even opens the doors for various scholarships

The standard practice adopted by most B-schools is that they consider the highest score of the candidate's attempts, provided the attempts have been taken and the scores submitted before the prescribed deadline for score submission.

Your official GMAT score report will be available within 20 calendar days after you take the test. The schools you chose at the test center will also receive your scores at this time.

GMAT test rescheduling fees will be determined by the test-center location of your scheduled GMAT exam and how far in advance of your scheduled appointment date are you making this change.  GMAC has lowered the fees for last minute changes, so you are no longer charged the full exam fee if you cancel last minute. However, if you do not show up for your GMAT exam at your scheduled time, you will forfeit your entire exam fee.

The GMAT™ online exam is an assessment option available for candidates who prefer to take the GMAT™ exam in their own environment. Whether you decide to take the GMAT™ exam online or at the test center may be dependent on your preference where you can be your best on test day. You might feel more at ease at home with the online exam or prefer the structure of a test center. Both options are always available to help you meet your application deadlines.

Human proctors, supported by state-of the-art technology, ensure the security and integrity of the exam, and fairness to all test takers. All test takers will be authenticated via their digital photograph, an approved valid form of identification and live check-in via a human proctor before starting the exam. The workspace is also thoroughly reviewed and monitored before and during the exam. The exam is being monitored at all times, via the live video feed, by human proctors, supported by AI technology. The platform that your exam is delivered on adheres to local privacy and data laws in 190 global locations. 

If a candidate encounters a technical issue that prevents them from starting the exam, the proctor will work with them to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, the appointment will be cancelled, and the candidate will be able to register for and take the exam. 

If there is a technical issue after candidate has started the exam, they can bring it to the attention of the proctor by raising their hand or starting a chat session from the exam window. The proctor will attempt to assist them promptly. If the technical issue cannot be resolved, or candidate is unable to proceed with your exam, the session will be ended. In this situation, they may be allowed to register and take the exam again at no additional cost. 

In either case above, candidate will be provided a case number within 72 hours via email. The case will go under review, if approved they will contact the candidate with details of the exam cancellation/refund and approval to register for another exam. Case reviews generally take 5 to 7 business days but may take longer on occasion and depending on the nature of the issue. 

The answer to this question would depend upon your own needs and preferences as both the options have their pros and cons. However, we strongly feel that GMAT online classes certainly offer more convenience and flexibility than the traditional offline classes. For more details, you can visit our blog GMAT online coaching vs. offline classes.

Each of our faculty member has taken the GMAT and scored more than 95% percentile . Moreover, our industry-first AI-based learning portal provides tailored recommendations and insights to help you achieve your goal score

To register for the GMAT exam, refer to the given link:

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