How to pick the right stream after your Xth Board Exams?

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After your grade Xth Board Exams, you are at the primary junction of life. What will you do now? Will you take the stream prompting less pressure, less examination, simple investigation, or take more of an effort towards your career like many people do?  


There are a few things that students should look at while picking subjects after the Xth grade board. This is an extremely crucial step in deciding your career choices. Let’s look at some of the aspects that you can look at, so as to make your choices clear. 


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses


Get a clear idea of the subjects you excel at and also those you don’t perform well in. This will give you a clearer idea of what stream you should mainly focus on. For example, if you’re extremely inclined towards Biology or Mathematics then Science Stream would be ideal for you. Similarly, if Social Sciences interests you then Humanities would perfectly fit your choices. Knowing the subjects you excel at is extremely beneficial because it would not only help you do well in those subjects but also gain more knowledge in the field of your interest. 


  • Do your research 


Keeping yourself updated about the different and new career options is something that is extremely useful. When you are aware of the outside world, it becomes easy to look at your career options. This helps you choose your stream and be more effective when you’re making your career plan. Research also includes learning about the basics of the courses and the streams that would be offered to you in high school or even junior college. For example, in junior colleges, students can pick from any of the three streams – Commerce, Science, and Arts. Whereas in high school, there are more subjects to choose from. These are a few topics that you should research before picking subjects after your Xth grade.


  • Talk to your parents and teachers 


Looking for direction from trustworthy individuals is another approach. Parents and educators are among those accomplished individuals who can undoubtedly pass judgment on your qualities and interests. However, it is important to understand that one must not get clouded by the judgment of the people close to one. 


  • Talk to a counselor 


This is one of the most effective and important things that you should do before choosing your subjects in the near future. When you go to counselors, they often present you with a bunch of options that you can choose from. However, before they do this, they often require you to take a test in order to look at your strengths and weaknesses. This test can be of two basic types namely, Didactic and Psychometric.  


Psychometric Tests are quantitative tests for the measurement of psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude and personality traits.

Didactic Assessments include theories, findings, recommended actions and skills that are essential for successful instruction for growth and development.

A point to note here: Psychometric Tests do not talk about the development of traits but only their interpretation. On the contrary, Didactic Assessments focus not only on the study of preferences but also on the development of new skills to align with career aspirations.

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