Profile Development  for High Schoolers (Part 1 / 3)

Profile development
Profile development

What is profile development and its importance? 

Several students live under the misconception that only getting an exceptional GPA or SAT score would be enough to get you into your dream college. As important as these are, it is not the only thing that could help you get into the best of the colleges. The most important part is that students need to create a holistic impression on the admissions committee of the college. By doing this, one would not only stand out from the crowd. But also be remembered by the committee, giving them a better chance at a seat.

There are several ways one can develop and build a strong profile. This would be according to your personal interests, skills, and hobbies you excel at. However, you must always remember to have something in your application or profile that would evidently differentiate you from other applicants. Profile development can be divided into 3 parts namely academic, skills, and extracurricular

Let’s look at the ways a student can strengthen their academic profile. 

1. Additional courses 

 There are several online websites and platforms for example Udemy, Coursera, SkillSet, Coursecraft. These websites are known for helping students learn from a broad range of topics. As these are based on their personal interests and hobbies. These courses provide students with knowledge beyond their books. Helping them to look at something from a practical point of view. Many of the courses are also conducted by the best of the colleges. These courses also have capstone projects & assignments that students have to submit during the course. With this, they can make sure the student has understood the concepts. The certificates that the student gets after completing the course adds a lot of weight to your profile. These certificates give confirmation to the admission committee about the student’s passion for deepening his learning in certain interest areas. 

2. Competitive exams

Standardized tests like the SATs and the ACTs are very important assets of the student profile. Taking these competitive tests and more importantly, scoring well in them will truly make a difference. Starting to prep early, preferably when you start your 11th Grade is generally advised.

3. Keeping your grades up

 At school this is another important part to keep in mind. Keeping your grades up highlights the effort that you would put into your studies. This also shows one’s continuous effort and hard work that you would put into to learn, and do well in classes and school. This is one of the major ways to get the attention of the admission committee of any college. 

These are just a few ways to develop and build your academic credentials. Tap here to read more about how to develop your profile from the aspects of one’s skills and extracurricular activities. 


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