Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian students

Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian students

Can an eagle fearlessly soar high and enjoy the beauty of altitudes without leaving its nest?

For the students who dream to achieve big, who desire to attain unfathomable heights and who can’t compromise with anything mediocre, it is imperative to ditch the comfort of home and plunge into unchartered waters. Success loves dedicated, hardworking, smart, relentless and fearless people.

If you are looking forward to bolstering your career and expanding your personal horizons, it’s time to get in touch with credible study abroad education consultants at LilacBud sand explore the best universities abroad.

Studying abroad opens doors for better learning, advanced research, lucrative career opportunities and fosters intellectual growth.

By studying at a top-notch foreign university, you gain far more than theoretical knowledge. You enhance your skills and gain a holistic experience that helps throughout your life.

Here are listed some of the glaring benefits of studying abroad for Indian students as suggested by the expert study abroad consultants.

  • Gain access to diverse programs

Talking about excellent foreign universities, you ought to be spoilt for choices whether you wish to opt for an undergrad or a post-grad program. Moreover, there are several programs that enable you to opt for varied specialization sat the same time.

For instance, if you are majoring in Physics and wish to study literature at the same time, you can easily do it. Study abroad consultants can make your job easy by helping you find and choose the best foreign university to cater to your career aspirations.

  • Develop cross-cultural proficiency

A study says that 64 per cent of employers consider study abroad experience to be crucial for recruitment.

Also, the same study claims that 92 per cent of employers look for transversal skills that entail critical and innovative thinking, confidence in pursuing new challenges, excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, etc., that can be typically acquired by being exposed to a foreign culture.

Multicultural proficiency plays a pivotal role in seeking lucrative jobs in MNCs and handling foreign clients deftly.

  • Leverage outstanding learning facilities and infrastructure

Most of the premier global institutes provide matchless infrastructure, well-designed programs, superior teaching methodology, smart learning tools, excellent faculty and advanced research opportunities.

By being able to harness the latest technology and superior learning facilities, students get a chance to hone their professional skills and become industry-ready.

  • Build a rewarding global network

Leaving the comfort of your country might seem scary at the inception. But, once you overcome the initial hitch, the sky’s the limit.

Studying internationally can get you in touch with many other students, working professionals and subject matter experts from different parts of the world.

You can build a robust global network that can help you gain profound knowledge in your area of interest, acquire a global perspective and get lifelong access to exciting job, research and business opportunities all over the world.

  • Become adept at soft skills

You do not just learn a foreign language by getting a degree overseas, you also develop requisite soft skills.

While in a foreign country, you need to mandatorily interact with the people in English or their native language viz. French, German, etc. This helps you not just to speak but also think fluently in that particular language.

Developing proficiency in a foreign language puts you on an altogether different pedestal and makes you dazzle amongst your peers. Any employer would prefer a candidate with a confident personality, clear thought process and fluent language skills.

  • Travel and explore different places

By studying abroad, you get a golden chance of exploring different parts of the world, meeting people with varied cultural backgrounds, trying different cuisines and exploring diverse lifestyles and beliefs that otherwise aren’t possible while studying in your own country.

You can make the best of the semester holidays by exploring the areas around your university. After all, the life skills you learn while travelling can never be learnt through books or the internet.

The list of benefits of studying abroad for Indian students can go on and on. So, here’s concluding with an interesting stat.

As per a report by CNBC TV 18, with over 8lakh Indian students studying abroad, India is the second-largest source of international students, the first being China.

These statistics prove that Indian students know the worth of gaining international exposure to honetheir professional skills and subsequently secure a rewarding future.

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