Profile Development for MBA Abroad

Do you dream of giving wings to your career and getting into a premier B-school abroad? Are you someone who can’t settle with anything but the best?

If your answer to any of these questions is affirmative, it’s time you ardently strategize your profile development for doing an MBA from one of the top foreign institutes.

Why is profile development crucial?

Perhaps, you have already embarked on the rigorous mission of acing GMAT or GRE, but appearing for the GMAT/ GRE alone doesn’t promise you entry into your dream college.

In order to ensure that you make it to one of the top B-schools in the foreign lands, you need to be a step ahead of your peers.

Getting a good GRE/ GMAT score is imperative, but it doesn’t stop here as all the applicants to a premier B-school are likely to have impressive scores. So, to score an edge above your competitors, you need to have a terrific profile that’s hard to get rejected.

For this very reason, it is crucial you start developing your profile once you have nailed down your career goals.

5 key tips on profile development for doing MBA abroad

Here are listed a few critical pointers that you mustn’t gloss over if you are serious about getting selected into one of the top B-schools abroad.


1. Nail down your career goals

Before you dive deep into the rigorous process of profile development, it is essential you work out your career goals. Once you have your vision clear, identify the top-B schools abroad assenting to your aspirations.

Research extensively on what these institutes look for as every institute has a unique vision and offers unique programs. Depending on what matters the most to these foreign universities, get going with your profile development.

2. Connect with students and alumni

One of the best ways to get precise information about any institute is getting in touch with the current students, alumni and staff.

These are the people who can enlighten you on the inside story and help you build a strong profile conforming to the requisites of your target business school.

Your motive, being strictly professional, the best way to connect with all these people is via LinkedIn.

3. Focus on developing your personality organically

While you are determined to ace the GMAT/ GRE, you must focus on inculcating healthy lifestyle habits and honing your soft skills.

After all, your MBA profile gives a peek into your life so far and it can speak volumes only when you have truly experienced and aced what you have mentioned in your profile.

So, volunteer at a reliable NGO, participate in school and community events that let you master interpersonal skills, enrol in projects where you can showcase and sharpen your leadership qualities, learn a new language and pursue some sport!

All this might sound too overwhelming, but if you introspect, all these activities will not just help you build a promising profile but make you a competent individual who is fit to sail through any turbulence.

4. Enrol in a relevant online course

If you are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree that isn’t aligned with the course that you wish to opt for during the master’s, you must take some steps that get you closer to your goal.

You can take up an offline course or online course from a reputed institute that helps you hone the necessary skills for your future career growth.

Doing so consents to your seriousness towards your goal and will make your profile stand out in front of the admission committee.

5. Get in touch with reputed MBA consultants

In order to ensure a sure-fire process of profile development, it is best you connect with reputed MBA consultants.

Top-notch MBA consultants like LilacBuds can help you clear the GMAT/GRE with flying colours. At LilacBuds, you get dedicated mentors to assist you in carving a precise roadmap for maximising your chances of attaining your goals.

LilacBuds can assist you in creating a standout profile, help you with the application/essays and provide end-to-end guidance that goes beyond exam preparation and profile development.

Click here for more details on LilacBuds MBA Admissions Consulting services. Godspeed!


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