Established in 2001, the Indian School of Business (ISB) is a highly ranked b-school in the world. As a part of its student recruitment process, ISB hosts the annual Young Leaders Program (YLP). The YLP is one of the most coveted programs globally. This helps the high potential students secure a deferred seat to India’s #1 MBA program. As a part of its admissions process, students are rigorously evaluated on parameters such as personality, political view, worldview, business acumen, and other aspects such as academic credentials. The main aim of the YLP program is to provide students an opportunity to enhance their business understanding, through a minimum of 2-year professional stints, before they embark on their management education journey.

Acceptance Rate for ISB YLP

The acceptance rate for the ISB YLP program is only about 22 percent. ISB YLP program has a very uncommon format for admissions. The regular PGP program at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali need a minimum of two years of labor expertise, on the contrary, the ISB YLP program opens doors to freshers (i.e. those with no work experience). However, it’s not a crosscut for the chosen candidates. All it offers is a bonded seat within the regular PGP batch for some years. During this post, we tend to value the ISB YLP, in all probability the possibility of getting into a coveted MBA program for freshers who consider giving a GMAT, as against the CAT for MBA admissions.

Eligibility criteria for the YLP:

To apply for the YLP, candidates must be in their pre-final or final year of graduate or postgraduate education. This is so that the students get a wider perspective and can understand better ways of learning and researching. This also makes sure that the students have the correct knowledge for the upcoming exposure. 

Admissions Process for the YLP:

The YLP admissions process goes ahead in 4 stages. These are as follows. 

The first stage consists of the application form available on the ISB website. Candidates are also required to fill in an essay on the topic given by the admissions committee. Lastly, candidates are also requested to pay an application fee. The tentative date for the first stage for this year is the 28th of March, and the results are the 5th of May. 

The second stage is where students are requested to give their GMAT/GRE scores. Along with another essay given by the admissions committee. The deadline for this is the 31st of August. 

The third stage consists of the personal interview that students have to attend (do check out our blogs for some helpful MBA interview tips). The interview invites are sent from the 31st of August all the way to the 5th of November. 

Lastly, the offer letters are sent out to the students by the 10th of November. 

Program Format: 

After securing a seat through the YLP, the next step of the process is to gain relevant work experience. A minimum of 20 months of work experience is mandatory by the university and helps the applicants during the MBA program. Post this, students are called for ‘Learning Weekends’ where they can interact with industry experts and connect with PGP students. This not only helps them build their network but also helps them gain practical knowledge under the protege of renowned industry names. Right after this, the PGP commences. 

 For further guidance on the YLP program at ISB, do connect with our experts who have helped multiple students get into the YLP program over the years. 



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