Profile Development (Extracurricular) – (Part 3 / 3)

Profile development
Profile development

In this 3rd and final part of the series on Profile development, we will talk about how Extracurricular activities impact your admissions chances.

Extracurricular activities refer to all the sports, performing arts, and academic events that are organized by one’s school. These extracurricular activities are not just a great source to develop your profile but more importantly serve as a great opportunity to improve your personality and sharpen your soft skills. Extracurricular activities are often ignored by students because they feel that studying and scoring well in exams is very important. However, these projects help a student understand what are his passions and also develop new hobbies. Learning and excelling at these extracurricular activities can go a long way when applying for colleges abroad. 

These extracurricular activities are a way for institutions to understand your personality and character. A person with a sports background is usually more confident, flexible, and a team worker. Musicians, dramatists, and singers all develop different skills as they learn these traits. Someone who frequently participates in MUNs is usually a good orator and public speaker. Hence, extracurricular activities play a crucial role in profile Development.

Let’s look at some of the popular extracurricular activities one can pursue in their school years. 

1. Sports 

Being an active sports person is a great extracurricular activity. It not only improves your profile but also keeps you mentally and physically fit. Representing your state or nation in various competitions in sports is a great feat and showcases your determination and passion for the game as well. Colleges often look for students who are great at certain sports and even offer sports scholarships to them. Moreover, being a sports player greatly influences one’s personality. It makes you more competitive, dedicated, and responsible – the qualities that an institution looks for in its applicants. 

2. Performing Arts 

Performing Arts refer to the events that usually take place in your auditorium.  They can broadly be classified into Dance, Drama, and Music. However, Fine Arts, Stand-up Comedy, and literature also come under this category. They are another great way to improve your profile and character. Each field of performing arts has its own features that make the person unique and recognizable. Being a part of any of the fields of performing arts helps you sharpen your soft skills and learn more about yourself. They make you more creative, confident and help you get rid of stage fright as well.

person playing guitar

3. Student societies and debates

At the school level, debates are often referred to as MUNs, a fun and interactive way to improve your general knowledge while also sharpening your debating and speaking skills. When colleges call applicants for group discussions, having prior debating skills through MUNs can be quite handy and helpful. Moreover, they improve your knowledge about everything that is happening around the world. This helps you develop a unique skill of being able to talk about anything. A very important trait that can impress interviewers. Student societies are also a popular way of doing extracurriculars. These societies are a great way to socialize with people, network and at the same time learn important managerial skills. They help you improve your decision-making and problem skills as well. 

4. Foreign languages 

Learning a foreign language can be one of the most unique extracurricular activities. It exponentially improves your chances of getting into universities abroad if you speak the native language of the country you are applying to. It is a significant skill that showcases your passion, dedication, and openness to adaptation that can easily catch the eye of universities. 

There are many other extracurricular activities that one can opt for. These include volunteering, fundraising, teaching others, becoming college ambassadors, and more. All these extracurricular activities develop your [personality and your profile in one way or another. You must choose your activity based on your interests and future plans. However, one must remember that a lot of dedication, hard work, and courage are needed in order to excel in these extracurricular activities and make a difference with them.

So as you start your profile development journey, keep all 3 aspects in mind: Academic, skills, and Extracurriculars. Actively look for opportunities to grow in each area. If you need help about how to get started you can email us at and set up a call with our counselors.


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