Looking beyond IIMs –An MBA from abroad

Looking for MBA Abroad

Globalization, growing economies and start-ups are influencing the education field today. It would be fair to say that a Master in Business Administration or an MBA is a sought-after professional programs it opens up a plethora of opportunities in industries and organizations for students. It fast tracks students’ careers after entering the corporate world.

In India, almost every student wanting to pursue an MBA degree is keen on getting admitted into the Indian Institute of Management or IIMs as they are popularly known. A degree from an IIM is a guarantee of bright prospects. However, it’s not easy for everyone to clear the qualifying exam – CAT or Common Admission Test with a good percentile. Due to the high demand for the MBA program, the cut-off percentiles of CAT are very high and many students fail to secure admission because of narrow margins. What do these students do? Give up their dream of doing an MBA from a reputed university and miss out on career opportunities and growth?

The answer is No.

Studying for an MBA abroad is something that these aspirants should explore. And why do we say that? Because of the advantages it provides. A student securing an MBA admission in universities abroad benefits in different ways. It helps him imbibe many qualities required to function as a good Manager in a reputed organization.


Let us list some of the benefits of enrolling in an MBA degree abroad:

  • Cultural diversity: When a student takes admission to MBA programs in universities abroad, he engages with a diverse mix of students from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. He interacts with these students and gets better at understanding them and respecting the cultural differences. It is a necessary trait for every Manager as they will have employees from different cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups working in their team. Understanding and respecting the differences will come naturally to these students when they take up Manager roles in organizations.
  • Salary advantage: Students pursuing the best MBA programs from universities abroad have the skill set and qualifications that organizations look for in their Managers. They are ready to hire these candidates at attractive salary packages as they come onboard with niche skills and global perspectives.
  • Versatility and growth: Students enrolled in an MBA program in foreign universities have academic scores and extracurricular interests. They can adapt to an organization’s culture very well and are versatile.
  • Enhanced employment prospects: MBA programs abroad offer many options in the course curriculum that students can take up to hone their skills. Course options give them the advantage of a portfolio. It can help them land their dream job and fast-track their careers.
  • Practical experience and internships: The internship experience provides students a platform to understand the work culture of organizations abroad. They become aware of the expectations and the work ethics.
  • Worldwide Network: Students pursuing an MBA program abroad can connect with the alumni network of their universities and get a chance to know Business Managers and leaders from the university. It gives them an advantage when they go for placements.


Indian businesses give weightage to candidates who have earned their MBA degree from abroad as they help in the business growth. There is a perception that these students have a clear understanding of international standards of business organizations.

The concept and the study pattern in universities abroad are different from that of India. They emphasize practical training and analysis.

After analyzing the above benefits, we can confidently deduce that an MBA from a foreign university unlocks many opportunities, career options in private and public ventures, and fast tracks career growth.


Key Takeaways:

  • Globalization and growing economies drive the education sector today
  • MBA is a sought after professional degree
  • IIM is the preferred choice for students wanting to pursue an MBA in India
  • CAT percentiles are competitive
  • MBA from universities abroad is a viable option for students
  • Students pursuing MBA programs from abroad have an advantage in organizations in India and abroad
  • Indian businesses look to hire students having MBAs from foreign universities due to international exposure
  • Students with international MBA degrees have the opportunity of connecting with Business Managers and leaders through the alumni network
  • An MBA degree from abroad provides students with global perspectives, international experience, practical training, and excellent career opportunities

To conclude and wrap it up:

MBA is an aspirational degree for every student in India. In India, IIMs’ are most sought after. However, competitive percentiles deny admission opportunities to many students by narrow margins. An MBA from universities abroad is an excellent option for students who want to pursue a career in management. The MBA program from abroad opens doors to the corporate world at mid to senior-level management roles in India and abroad. International exposure is an asset to any company and plays a vital role in accelerated career growth.


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