A Guide to the Dartmouth Tuck MBA

A Guide to the Dartmouth Tuck MBA

MBA has been a popular choice of postgraduate programs across the world. Besides helping the graduates acquire business skills, it also helps them prepare well for the corporate ladder and make way for a successful career across different industries. What makes MBA a better choice than other postgraduate programs is the versatility it offers. Graduates from any academic background can pursue MBA and give their career a steady boost, especially if they have enrolled themselves in a reputed business school. 

One such reputed and most sought-after business school is the Tuck School of Business, also known as Dartmouth Tuck MBA school. Ranked as one of the leading business schools in the USA, it offers unique opportunities to learn and grow and enriches life in a plethora of ways. 

Here is a lot more about Dartmouth Tuck MBA and how you can fair your chances to be a part of this esteemed business school. 

About Dartmouth Tuck MBA

Dartmouth Tuck MBA school was founded in 1990 by Edward Tuck, a philanthropist, and international financier as the first graduate school of management. Dartmouth Tuck is a prime member of the Ivy League which provides the school with a strong foundation to offer the best education.  

The school is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, and offers holistic personal development in a distinct learning environment. 

Dartmouth Tuck MBA was ranked #12 among US business schools and #15 worldwide by Financial Times for the year 2023. The Economist ranked Dartmouth Tuck MBA as #10 across all full-time MBA programs in the US. The school was also ranked #11 in Fortune’s ranking of full-time MBA programs. 

Dartmouth Tuck offers an MBA program with an integrated core curriculum that caters to the unique requirements of different corporate sectors.  The school is known to produce industry leaders and change-makers that lead the world with their skills and strong business ethics. 

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Class Profile

Dartmouth Tuck MBA is known for its diverse community of students and the admission process ensures that every student gets an opportunity to learn together, irrespective of their cultures and backgrounds. 

Here is a profile of the class of 2024 at Dartmouth Tuck MBA school. 

Class demographics:

  •  Total Enrollment – 287
  • Women- 45%
  • Students with partners- 31%
  • Students with children – 5%
  • LGBTQ – 11%
  • US Minorities – 31% 
  • International students – 43%
  • Average GMAT – 726

Professional experience:

  • Students with work experience: 98%
  • Average years of work experience: 5.0


  • Full-time and clinical faculty members: 65
  • More than 100 research and training awards received
  • The highest number of citations per faculty across any business school


  • Average GPA: 3.52
  • Average GMAT Score: 726
  • GRE Statistics: Q average- 162
  • V average-  162

Dartmouth Tuck Full-time MBA Curriculum

 The full-time MBA program at Dartmouth Tuck is an extensive two-year program tailored to meet the needs of the corporate sector and leadership roles. The program is so designed to develop functional skills and leadership abilities to curate, craft, and execute change. 

The core curriculum covers all the key functional areas like analytics, operations, strategy, communication, etc. The second year consists of courses in Global Economics, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, and Elective Courses. 

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Placement

 The graduates from Dartmouth Tuck MBA are versatile and that can be seen in the placement records. 

  • The class of 2022 received 98% of offers and had an acceptance rate of 96%
  • The average salary was $175,000
  • The median signing bonus for the batch was $30,000.
  • 93% of the students received the sign-in bonus. 

The students of the class of 2022 were hired across the following industries:

  • Consulting 
  • Financial services
  • IT
  • Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech
  • Retail and Consumer Goods 

Eligibility criteria

The following are the primary eligibility criteria for students seeking admission to the Dartmouth Tuck MBA program.

  •  Undergraduate Degree: Students are required to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or an equivalent degree from a foreign country 
  • English Proficiency Test Scores viz. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  •  A GMAT or GRE score
  • A professional work experience of 3 years is recommended

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Cost and Acceptance Rate

 The Dartmouth Tuck MBA tuition fee is $77,520 along with other costs like accommodation, books, etc. The school offers multiple scholarship and fellowship opportunities for students along with special programs for veterans. 

The acceptance rate at Dartmouth Tuck MBA is about 23%. The primary criteria are professional achievements, GMAT/GRE score as well as academic profile. 

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