Life of an MBA student in Hong Kong

MBA in Hong Kong

Pursuant to the Sino-British joint declaration of 1984, the former British dependency of Hong Kong SAR was transferred to China in 1997 and, now, Hong Kong possesses the highest degree of autonomy from China as an SAR – Special Administrative Region. Having been a colony of the British empire, the main language of the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong is English.

Over the past few decades, Hong Kong has become one of the world’s most significant financial centres and commercial ports, boasting of a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade, the fourth largest stock market and a currency that is the world’s eighth most traded currency. As one of the most developed cities in the world, Hong Kong is home to the third-highest number of billionaires in the world.

 Hong Kong for MBA abroad

These factors have made Hong Kong a very attractive destination for higher studies, especially MBA for students over the past decade as one of the most diverse and unique cities in East Asia. While squeezing time out of a student’s regular day schedule comprising hours of lectures, projects and assignments to work on, field-trips may be difficult, there is no denying that Hong Kong offers a plethora of attractions to a student, especially professionals as this is a city where most of the financial and banking corporations are and therefore part-time internships and company visits during study tenure are very convenient making Hong Kong a popular destination for MBA abroad for Indian students.

MBA by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

One of the best MBA colleges abroad to consider here is the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), which is also the second oldest university in the city. The medium of instruction is usually English. The university boasts of four Nobel laurates and is the only tertiary institution in Hong Kong with recipients of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal and Veblen Prize sitting as faculty in residence. A sprawling green campus, it also has one of the most beautiful campuses of any university across Hong Kong.

The university offers courses in eight faculties namely the Faculty of Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Science, along with a graduate school which administers all the postgraduate programmes provided by different academic units. Moreover, associate School of Continuing and Professional Studies (CUSCS) offers associate degrees and higher diploma programmes.

 Know the student life in Hong Kong

One interesting observation of student life in Hong Kong is that students and their families here deeply value their education, very similar to that in India, and categorize it above extracurriculars, social life, even relationships. It is common to see study spaces occupied to full capacity throughout the day. Students also deeply value family life and usually visit their families over the weekend should time permit. It is perhaps the eastern way of doing things in our part of the world and expected as something to offer by universities to Indian students pursuing MBA abroad.

When involved in extracurriculars, there is heavy influence of participating with the members of the same dormitory – a culture encouraged to promote a family atmosphere among students living in the same dormitory.

As a student, traveling within Hong Kong is easy given that the public transportation system and the subway system in the city are both very well developed, along with a well-connected bus service, and easy access to taxis and trams.

The estimated monthly living expenses for a full-time student living in Hong Kong comprise HK$1500 housing (on sharing basis), meals at around HK$5000, transportation and miscellaneous expenses up to HK$1000 excluding college and text books fees.

 The Hong Kong Government and its role in promoting higher education

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) is a statutory body at Hong Kong that offers Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) for adult learners. Quality‑assured, internationally recognized full‑time and part‑time courses up to master’s degree level are available for students.

VPET has always been a key driver of manpower development in Hong Kong for meeting the needs of the everchanging economy. It plays a pivotal role in broadening the learning opportunities for young people and working adults as well as nurturing the requisite human capital for Hong Kong’s development.

The Government is committed to encouraging and supporting the integration of Non-Chinese Speaking students (notably students of diverse races) into the community. For a nation built on a rock-solid foundation of family, Hong Kong has steadily moved from collective harmony to a culture of individualism. The government strives to enhance Hong Kong’s status as a regional education hub through internationalisation and diversification of the higher education sector. The Government’s aim is to nurture talents for other industries and attract outstanding people from around the world, boosting Hong Kong’s competitiveness and facilitating the long-term development of Hong Kong.

LilacBuds, your MBA abroad consultant and partner

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The Artificial Intelligence based learning portal offers personalised recommendations for test prep. Students can therefore customise their preparation depending upon their goal score. The classes extended entail courses simplified and explained by some of the finest faculty across the country for all competitive tests: GMAT/GRE/SAT among others for undergraduate courses, masters courses, and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) courses.

Students also have an option of scheduling a counselling session with the mentor of their choice. Our mentors bring to the fore experience from over thirty eclectic industries, offering deep admission insights rooting from first-hand real-world expertise.

We are one of the very few study abroad consultants in India offering video essays practice and Statement of Purpose articles mandatory in applications required to study MBA abroad. There is a plethora of information to choose from the repository of alumni experiences, deadlines, acceptance rates, test score ranges, scholarships etc.

We also help students evaluate where their profile stands at the start of their study abroad journey and highlight the areas of improvement to enhance the chances of selection across top universities. Lilac flowers are a traditional gift on a student’s graduation day. The brand itself signifies the celebration of higher education and stands out as a consultancy for MBA abroad.


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