Is a Virtual Internship valid today?

virtual internship
virtual internship

What is an internship?

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. However, this work experience might not always be in-person. Today, many institutions and businesses have adopted the ‘work from home. This concept is enabling people from all across the world to work with them. In a situation like this, one might wonder if it is really useful to pursue a virtual internship? While, in this situation, there are no physical interactions with the employer or clients. It can still offer dozens of perks and benefits to students.

Today, universities and postgraduate schools have made admissions criteria way more dynamic. While good grades are always an important aspect. Extracurriculars such as internships and skill-building projects can make your application stand out from the rest. 


One of the advantages of a virtual internship is the opportunity to work for companies from all across the world. Now that the work is supposed to be completed virtually, it doesn’t matter where you are based. You could possibly work for an MNC in the US while sitting at your home in India. Hence, a virtual internship provides you with more exposure and can lead to unlimited opportunities. 


Moreover, these internships not only improve your resume but also help you build your career. The best-fit internship can provide you more clarity on your future career goals. At the same time, it can help you develop requisite skills relevant to your career choice. Which can be extremely helpful in getting you admission to your desired university and eventually getting your dream job. 

Additionally, pursuing and completing skill-building projects can help you improve your personality. As well and enhance your mindset in a positive way. Through these projects, you get an opportunity to develop your soft skills such as communication abilities, confidence.  And problem-solving acumen which are very much required to excel in any field or profession. 

Virtual Internships

Today people prefer doing most of these activities virtually.  Hence, one is more likely to land a virtual internship or learn a skill online than offline. However, this does not harm your ability to learn enough from the experience or reduce your chances. Against a candidate who might have done the same activity offline. Learning or working online showcases your will and dedication to complete things. 

Hence, any sort of virtual internship and the skill-building project is valid, if it is in the right field. However, one shall be very dedicated to the activity. One must also be open to new opportunities that come his/her way. No matter what the mode of learning is, if you are learning and constantly improving. With this you will reap substantial benefits in the long run. 



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