How to write MiM essays?

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Most of us are aware of MBA or Masters of Business Administration but perhaps many people are still not comprehending the specifics of the relatively new managerial course – MiM.

So, strap up and read on to know what exactly MiM is, why students should opt for it and how to write MiM essays – the most crucial aspect of the entire application process to the top MiM programs!

What is MiM?

Master’s in Management or MiM is a specialized program that started in Europe around 20 years ago. The MiM program, which typically lasts between ten months to two years, is a specially designed program that offers theoretical groundwork to the students to kickstart their careers in business.

So, MiM is now being opted by the graduates who want to make their future in marketing, economics, finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, or other business fields.

What further appeals to the students is the fact that prior work experience is not mandatory and the selection is based on GMAT or GRE scores, plus the quality of the application material submitted. The students can study this program at top-notch business schools in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

Why should you opt for MiM?

Even though MiM is a relatively new course, it is garnering popularity among graduates who want to jumpstart their careers without prior work experience.

The theoretical course is more affordable for getting a job in an entry-level position like an Analyst or Graduate Trainee. Also, managerial roles can be achieved in Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Accounting, Business Intelligence, Sustainability, Sales, and many other entrepreneurial fields after gaining relevant work experience.

Moreover, in MiM, one can easily switch the streams. Additionally, passionate and interested students can later pursue Ph.D. programs for further research.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, Deutsche, and McKinsey & Company actively hire Masters in Management degree graduates. So, rest assured of your career prospects!

Importance of MiM essay

Most of the applicants are anticipated to have outstanding GMAT or GRE scores, and excellent academic results. Apart from these scores, the international applicants are required to demonstrate their grasp of English language through TOEFL or IELTS.

But, what sets an individual apart?

It’s the MiM essay! This aspect is given utmost importance as it is based on the personalization of each applicant thereby making it unique. An authentic essay is a factor that differentiates between the other applications and marks a glaring distinction between an outstanding candidate and the ordinary.  What makes an essay stand out are each applicant’s personal, academic and non-academic accomplishments.

Key tips on writing a MiM essay

The following are a few key tips on nailing your MiM essay:

  • It should be kept in mind that an individual should remain true to themselves and not try to replicate others’ work. For instance, if it is a goals essay, clearly convey your short-term, middle-term and long-term goals
  • It is always better to have someone double-check your essay for spelling and grammar. For this purpose, it is best to resort to a professional editor
  • The language of the essay should be precise and clear. It should make the reader curious about the applicant
  • Each business school has its essay questions but mostly the topics are based on individuals’ strengths, what they have learned so far, their career goals, and their desire to join the particular college
  • The word limit should be kept in mind and other rules pertaining to the structure of the essay should be followed

Lastly, remember that there is no perfect essay nor it is an essay writing competition, but it is pivotal for the selection process. In order to craft stellar essays which impress the AdComs, it is best to resort to professional study abroad consultants like LilacBuds because they know what the AdComs are evaluating you on.

Be it an essay, recommendation letters, or transcripts, their assistance can make you secure the cutting edge to get through the selection process.

At LilacBuds, you can select your own MiM applications package like Essay/ SOP package, Resume Guidance, Letters of Recommendation Guidance, Last Minute Essay Review, and Profile Evaluation. And, the best part is you will be mentored by an adept professional from one of the top B-schools. So, stave off all your apprehensions.  For more details, click here. Good luck!


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