Applying to Universities Abroad? Here are 4 things to think about

research and infromation

Being confused about what you wish to do after you graduate is not something that should heavily trouble you. Several options lie in front of one, in only a single field of expertise. Applying to universities abroad is surely one of the biggest decisions many postgraduate students take. Applying abroad isn’t as easy as it seems, several hours of tireless research, calls and preparation goes into the process. Students should not only look at the university they apply to but also other minute details that may affect the tenure of their stay in a foreign country. 

1.Research & Information

The starting step of this process is usually the research that goes into not only deciding the course you wish to pursue but also the university and country you wish to pursue this from. An easy way to do this would be to list down your interests, strengths, weaknesses and then look for colleges in accordance with the above. Comparing the college rankings, tuition fee and city, one should more or less be able to figure the college they would ideally fit into. Many aspirants have found it helpful to consult professional advisors to discuss their options and research better.


Finances are another important aspect that needs to be considered. These include the college tuition fee, stay, travel, food, visa and small day to day expenses that one faces during their stay abroad. Applying for an education loan can prove to be extremely beneficial for students who wish to fund their own tuition or people in financially weaker positions to fund an overseas education. These are a few banks and new age financial companies that are known to be the best for education loans: 

On an average these financial intermediaries offer an 8-16% interest rate, and fund the stay and tuition of the candidates. 

3.Documentation & Requirements

Documentation is also an extremely important procedure when applying abroad. Keeping one’s documents in check is very essential as it eases out the process as a whole. There are a few documents that are extremely essential when you apply abroad :

  • Application form
  • Transcripts (including marksheets,  passing certificate)
  • Recommendation from schools, colleges, internships
  • Resume (CV)
  • Test Scores (GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL depending on selected course requirements)

In addition to these documents one must also keep in mind to apply for their visa, loans, accommodations and passports. This would smoothen and easen the process a whole lot more for students!

4. Networking

People often overlook the importance of networking with alumni of the university they want to apply to. By doing this applicants not only develop personally but also get an insight into the student & campus life at the college they wish to apply to. Talking to successful graduates from the same university would also provide added benefits of future networking, creating a larger potential for post graduate internships or even job offers. Here are a few simple tips that would surely help you stay connected with your college alumni. 

  • Research well about the people you wish to connect with 
  • Make a strong and well updated LinkedIn account, and connect with these people 
  • Be willing to show up at several college alumni programs, try even hosting them maybe! 
  • Most importantly be well read and make impactful conversations with these reputed people 


Applying to universities abroad can be a very tedious and stressful process. However, if one is self aware about their strengths and well versed about their career goals, then this procedure can be extremely easy using the above mentioned tips. 

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