Finding your mojo during the summer in the midst of a Pandemic


Summer in the midst of a pandemic could be a rather stressful time. This for many students who are in the middle of their undergraduate studies or are just about to kickstart their education abroad or even in the country. This time could however be extremely useful if utilized thoughtfully. There are several steps that students can take to develop their profile and make the most of the pandemic. Doing things in this pandemic can often be quite strenuous because of the excessive use of gadgets in our daily lives. However, motivating yourself and being extremely productive would be useful for you. 

There are several things that you can work on in the middle of the pandemic to enhance and work on your resume.

Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Internships:

    One of the best ways of making the most productive use of your time is to get your hands on an internship. Internships are one the most efficient ways of showing off your skills. Taking on an internship does not only add to your resume but also gives you practical experience of working in the professional field. In addition to this, you may also discover new things that you are good at. 

Where can you find these internships? 

One of the most common sources to find internships is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform that helps you connect with senior professionals and HR teams of different companies. They also have internship opportunities for students who wish to learn and work in the field of their interest. 

Another source would be websites such as Internshala. Internshala helps students make a resume and then filter internships according to their preferences and choices. You could pursue remote, part-time, or full-time internships that are aligned with your future career choice. Note that an unpaid internship that’s aligned with your preferred major is better than a paid internship that is unrelated to your future plans.

  • Learn a new language:

    Learning a new language is also one of the many things one can do during the unfortunate times of a global pandemic. Learning a new language not only helps you build your resume but also helps you in a new city or country to communicate and understand a different culture. Language is an extremely important tool that people can use in today’s day and age. A new and different language also gives you an edge over other candidates while going for a job or college interview. In college when you meet new people from all parts of the world, a language helps you communicate and interact well. In the more professional field, it becomes easier for your employer to send you abroad for anything that could be work-related. Hence, a new language would surely be a plus to have on your resume. There are several websites like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn that have courses in several different languages. One could also take online classes from a professional in the same field. A few of the most sought-after foreign languages that one could opt to learn are Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Mandarin.

  • Learn an instrument:

    Learning to play an instrument is also an extremely beneficial activity you can consider in the midst of this pandemic. This would be an added advantage for you since it is a different extracurricular activity that would be highlighted in your profile. There are several instruments that one could learn like the guitar, drums, keyboards, and violin. Students can also give exams in the same field to highlight their effort in their resumes. In this domain, one of the most acclaimed exams that students can give is the Trinity Exam. Its certificate highlights your talent in the field of music and performing arts. 

  • Volunteer:

    Volunteering during this pandemic is one of the best ways to not only build your CV but also give a little help to the people in need. This is something that would be extremely beneficial and can be the best use of the time you have at hand. During volunteering, you can also start your own fundraiser or help in other ways by holding a collection drive for the people on the street with no food or water. In addition to this, one can also help in several NGOs all over the world. In India, there are several NGOs that you can contact for the same such as – 

  • Mission Oxygen 
  • Gautam Gambhir Foundation 
  • Mazdoor Kitchen 
  • Breathe India 
  • Enrich Lives Foundation 
  • Khana Chahiye 
  • Swasth 
  • Khalsa 
  • United Way Mumbai 



  • Start preparing for your entrance tests:

    One of the better ways of using your free time during this pandemic would be to already start preparing for your entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT. These exams are given by students before they wish to apply to colleges for their undergraduate studies abroad. This would not directly affect your resume. But would definitely affect your score on these extremely competitive exams which you would happen to give in the near future. To get a clear understanding of these exams and study abroad options for yourself, you could contact LilacBuds at

These are a few of the many ways you can build and improvise on your resume. However, if you do wish to get a more detailed review of your do’s and don’ts during these unforeseen times. Then getting in touch with our mentors would be extremely beneficial for you. 



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