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LilacBuds is among the top Masters (MS) admission consultants in Mumbai. We offer complete MS in data science admission assistance in the USA. Historically, MS in DS has been one of the most popular courses for aspiring students to study abroad. From product marketing to research, data science has applications in practically every industry. Data science requires knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming. Many tools for simplifying the data analysis process have been created over the years. Our services have assisted many students to get into their dream Masters (MS) in DS programs in their desired cities in the USA. Based on your profile and interests, our experts create a custom plan that is right for you, with regular follow-up and mentoring sessions.

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Why pursue a Masters (MS) in Data Science in the USA?

It should not come as a surprise that there are several Master's (MS) programmes in Data Science available given that the USA is a significant centre for innovation. Despite the fact that some are more well-liked than others, they all lead to rewarding, in-demand jobs. For an international student to be qualified to apply for a master's degree in any DS program in the USA, they must have completed a 16-year education. IELTS or TOEFL as well as a strong GRE score.

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Data science program in the Top US colleges requires applicants with strong research, internship GRE quant scores

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Top US colleges require good research, internship, & GRE scores for admissions to their Data science program.

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Get online GRE, IELTS, and other test training by our top-rated master’s coaches.

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Create original SOP/Essay/LOR documents with our AI-enabled writing assistant.

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Our deep industry knowledge helps you develop the right LOR strategy



We will facilitate your search for applications for Scholarship and other queries.

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Class of 2021, CMU (MS, Robotic Systems Development)

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The amount of new knowledge initially overwhelmed me, but Lilacbuds' kind and helpful mentors enabled me to adapt to it. The personalised care I received was particularly appreciated. I felt more confident navigating the admissions process thanks to the preparation, which enhanced my core CS concepts.


Class of 2024, NYU (MS, Financial Engineering)

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I received scholarships from Lilacbuds to attend NYU, Boston University, and Stony Brook University. I received help from a wonderful set of mentors, masters admissions professionals, and a superb tech portal that is designed for easy communication. My docs' editing, meeting and university selection were spot on.

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Masters in ECE @ CMU

Engineer - Amazon



Machine Learning @ Columbia Uni.

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Master’s in DS in the USA - Our Applications & Admits

From shortlisting to visa application we support you at every step !

S.No School Name
1 University of California--Berkeley
2 Stanford University
3 Carnegie Mellon University
4 Columbia University
5 Carnegie Mellon University
6 New York University
7 Georgia Institute of Technology
8 Brown University
9 Duke University
10 Pennsylvania State University
S.No School Name
11 Colorado State University
12 Northwestern University
13 Dartmouth College
14 Virginia Tech
15 Boston University
16 University of Chicago
17 Michigan State University
18 Temple University
19 North Carolina State University
20 Washington State University

Pursue MS in Data Science in the USA

Benefits of pursuing a Master’s degree in DS in the US

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    The top universities for data science & analytics in the world are located in the United States.

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    Data will drive the industry, as our technologically enhanced future will be determined by numbers. 

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    Alumni, industry-specific networking, a competitive administration, and a diverse school community.

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    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that by 2026, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable data scientists will increase, leading to a 27.9% rise in employment.

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    USA for MS in DS is a popular choice as it offers numerous promising post-degree work opportunities.

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Why study Data science for a Master's degree in the US?

The US is among the top 3 locations for both MS in Data Science/Statistics programs and job opportunities. MS in data science in the US is generally a study of about 12–24 months at postgrad level. The amount of data produced every day is increasing exponentially, which is driven by advancements in technology. Data scientists are in high demand among major businesses like Foursquare, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and startups like Uber, Zulily, and Spotify.

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