How it works

Student Chooses a Mentor

An aspirant can navigate on Admitas Web Portal and choose a Mentor of his choice after going through the profile. The student will be allowed to connect with Mentor after the Sign-up. The student will have to key in some relevant information so that it can be visible to the Mentor after scheduling an e-meeting.

Schedule a Diagnostic Call

After the sign-up, the student will be able to schedule a 30-45-minute Diagnostic Call with his chosen Mentor. The student will also have an option to submit his queries that he/she wishes to discuss to get the profile evaluation done. The process allows student to do the call without reaching Admitas. We are letting the aspirants to choose the Mentor and subsequent service after he/she is satisfied with the initial call.

Choosing a Service with the Mentor

Once the Diagnostic call gets over, the student will pick up a particular service from the Mentor and signs-up formally. The details of the service with deliverables will get immediately reflected in the student Dashboard and Mentor Dashboard and service will formally get started.

Application Process Initiation

The service purchased by the student will have deliverables and accordingly the tasks can be assigned by the Mentor to the Mentee after the discussions, which will happen on the dashboard. The student/mentor dashboard has all capability to make the process engaging, rich, and transformational through the transparent discussions between the Mentor and the Mentee. The process will be well planned with important stages discussed followed by the task completion. It will encompass “Who you are-Exercise” to “Goal Clarity - Realistic vs Aspirational” to “Why Program & the School Shortlisting- Fitment Analysis” to “Essay Discussion- Evaluation - Finalization” to “Resume Structuring-Guidance” to “Letter of Recommendation- Guidance” to “Online Application Check- Before Submission”. The whole journey will be guided by the Mentor on an individual basis.

Interview Preparation

Evaluative Interviews are one of the most important steps, which eventually helps a student to cross the line and see oneself in the dream class! The Mentor will help his Mentee to get ready.

Value Added Services and Closing

Admitas will help the admitted students to get access to the following services:

  • Education Loan
  • Forex
  • Student Housing
  • VISA Guidance
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