Effortless, Impactful and Scalable

9 reasons to collaborate with us

  • Flexible Batch Management

    Easily schedule and manage your fixed batches or rolling batches.

  • Create your own set of Question Banks

    With our tools for creating question bank and worksheets, take your notes and question repository digital.

  • Simplified File Sharing

    Easily create and manage files and documents. Share them seamlessly with your students on the portal.

  • Detailed student progress, evaluation and assessment

    With our analytics dashboard, you will be able to get insights on student’s weekly progress, student performance on assignments and assign tests.

  • Online Test Portal

    Be it GRE, GMAT, SAT or any test, your students will be able to practise all their favourite tests online with your questions.

  • Gain understanding of how your students give their tests

    With our intelligent analytics, know wether your students are guessing their answers or not on their tests

  • Grow your business

    With each student review, your business as a tutor will start gaining more reputation in the tutoring world.

  • We’ll be there for you

    Our tech team will always be there for any help you need.

  • Added features for Institutes

    If you are an Institute, you get all the above mentioned features plus Tutor Management tools to analyse and manage all your tutors.

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