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Undergrad SAT Prep

It’s really never too soon to start SAT prep! But having a 100% test-prep discipline all the time especially for younger students, that's difficult. Let our pro mentors, help you get ready to crack the most important piece of your application puzzle - your SAT scores.  Our mentors try to make it really simple and fun, and includes a lot of free-reading projects. We converge into a a focused Test Prep with proctored mock test orientation to truly make you Test Ready.



Undergrad SAT Subject Test Prep

An increasing number of colleges are requesting that students take one or more SAT II Subject Tests. Our Subject Test mentors guide you on which tests are offered, and which ones should you take. How should you prepare for them & how scores on Subject Tests can be used to showcase your strengths .

Because the SAT II Subject Tests are more advanced and more difficult than the regular SAT, many students choose to work with private tutors on LilacBuds who are experts in their chosen subjects. This can result in a more organized and comprehensive prep experience, which translates to a competitive edge in the college admissions process. 



Essay Evaluation Package

For undergrad applicants to US & UK , Essay writing is an integral part of the application packet. In this package, we help you with all aspects from picking the right essay topics, to brainstorming and finalization of the content. Each essay is personally reviewed, edited and evaluated by alumni from the Top schools in the US & UK along with our own LilacBuds essay specialists. 


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