Build your own MBA Package

will include 1 mentor from Top B-School

MBA Resume Review

Your Resume is an integral part of your business school application. It is a summary of your work and volunteer experience, as well as your education. Your MBA resume is also usually the first thing the admissions committee will look at, and serves as an introduction to you; so it’s imperative to make a powerful positive first impression.

We provide a detailed Evaluation with suggestions to improve before finalisation of your Resume.



MBA: Letter of Recommendation Guidance

A good letter of recommendation should have the recommender provide specific & accurate information about your abilities and working style. The admissions committee doesn’t simply want another run-down of the information they already have in your resume. Your recommender should advocate strongly for you, not just state the facts.  LilacBuds mentors help aspirants with LOR Content finalisation 



MBA Interview Prep

If you’ve received an interview invite, it’s a clear signal the B-school believes in your candidature. The interview will be the final and most important data point for AdComm to make a decision. At the Best B-schools, your prospects of admission are generally between 5-10%, but once you secured an interview call, your shot at acceptance has now improved to 50%. You now have a great chance of getting in, and LilacBuds mentors , who have been through these interviews previously will work 1-1 with you over three sessions of 45 minutes each - to make sure you are ready



MBA School Specialist Package

When it comes to getting into your dream B-school, there is no better role model than someone who has actually walked in your shoes and has achieved the dream that you have today. What if you could get coached directly from them itself ? That's exactly what our School Specialist package is all about. It includes our specialist providing expert assistance on Essays and LORs +  direct inputs from a student who has been or is presently studying at your dream school.

  • School Essay Discussion
  • Resume Building
  • LOR Guidance
  • Final Application Check
  • Interview Prep (If shortlisted) by the School Alum/Student



MBA Last Minute Essay Review Package

Are you a strong believer in DIY when it comes to B-School applications !! That's truly inspiring and motivating. However wouldn't it be a BIG boost to your confidence if an expert mentor can review your Essay and give you a detailed second-opinion on your content, presentation and impact. Our Last minute Essay review package includes a comprehensive evaluation of your Essay by a Mentor and it is completed within 48 hours of submission.


MBA: GMAT Test Prep

Prepping for the GMAT is your first and critical step for achieving your B-school ambitions.  Let our pro mentors, help you get ready to crack one of the two most important pieces of your application puzzle - your GMAT scores.  Our mentors provide a focused Test Prep with proctored mock test orientation to truly make you Test Ready.



MBA: Profile Evaluation Package

To get into your dream B-school, you have to start early. But we understand, most of us are very confused when provided a lot of options and advice from a variety of family and friends. We work with you through self-introspection to understand your aspirations and help you match that with a selection of B-schools and guide you on the first step to a happy and successful career journey.

  • Understanding the profile
  • Goal Clarity and School fitment Analysis



MBA : 1 hour Profile consultation

A 1-hour consultation with our Lead Mentors / founders will help you plan smartly for your dream B-school. We understand, you have so many questions regarding the programs, how to crack the GMAT and impact on scholarships , and most importantly the profile required to get into your dream schools. This session will address all your queries and help you build a strong foundation to your MBA aspirations. These fees are adjusted against any future Consulting package taken by the same student.


Deferred MBA

  1. Profiling through Self-Introspection: Leadership potential 
  2. Goal Clarity : What do you aim to do in your career ?
  3. Fitment Analysis : Which B-Schools fit your profile. 
  4. Why MBA ?
  5. Application Documents : Essays / LORs / CV editing and finalization
  6. Interview Prep
  7. Decision Advisory


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